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Our coffee is never bitter and neither are WE!

Coffee Shack Coffee Roasters and Cafe LLC

On April 1st, we signed a lease on a space at 409 South 22nd Street in Heath and immediately started the build-out process of creating our vision for the Coffee Shack Coffee Shop and Cafe. You might be wondering what makes The Shack any different from every other coffee shop.

Monday-Friday 6:30 am-7:00 pm
Saturday 7:30 am-3:30 pm
Closed on Sundays

What You'll Find at The Shack:

The same principles that drove Jeff to begin roasting organic coffee guided us in the creation of our cafe and drink menus. We believe in 3 simple principles:
Eat Clean.
We know this term has become popular in a variety of restaurants and diets in our society today, and we also know it can be incredibly confusing. When we say we believe in eating clean, this is what we mean:

All of the food on our menu is "real food." We roast our own chicken and beef, and we house-make as many items as we can. We source ingredients that are clean, so we can make food we are proud of and that you can feel comfortable eating yourself and feeding your children.

We make all of our own:

We are proud to work with suppliers who believe in this same principle:

While we strive to create clean food, there are a few items that do contain some artificial coloring. If you are committed to eating clean, please be advised that our sugars on the tops of our frappes contain artificial colors, and our sugar cookie frosting currently contains artificial colors; however, we are in the process of sourcing natural food colors!

Drink Local.
Simply driving down Route 79 through Heath, you have a ton of options for your coffee. There are several big name coffee options, a handful of fast food restaurants, and quite a few sit-down franchised restaurants. Those restaurants offer you pretty affordable options for their industrially-roasted, non-organic coffees. We want to offer you freshly and locally roasted, small batch, organic coffee. Our coffee isn't roasted across the country; it isn't shipped in bulk in hot trucks after it's roasted; it doesn't sit in warehouses for months until we need it.

Do Good.
We were raised to see needs and fill them whenever possible; consequently, we are committed to more than just coffee. We believe it is our responsibility to see beyond ourselves and do all we can to make the world a better place. We are committed to both people and to our environment. Our coffee is fairly-traded. Our cups, lids, and plastic silverware is 100% compostable, and we keep our coffee grounds for those individuals who wish to use them for compost.

Those are just a few of the ways we are different than every other coffee shop you might wander in to.

Stop in and grab a cup of coffee, enjoy a meal, or just say hello!
Jeff Grow

Email: info@coffeeshackroasters.com Phone Number: 740-915-8372


Instagram: @coffeeshackcoffeeroasters